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There is a famous female escort who came to the famous UK for a perfect vacation and a vacation with someone special. She was overjoyed when she found out that a British woman was searching for a female escort and was able to make a good impression when she had her bath with one of the women from London. The female escort has since been revealed as the famous Felicity Scout, who works for various London agencies, since last year.

The agent had a luxurious experience in the hotel and got so excited when she found a seat near the bath tub for herself and one of her favorite clients. The agent put on her swimwear and the gorgeous British lady on the other side of the tub immediately started to groom the agent. It turned out that the agent and her client were similar in terms of body type and have similar preferences regarding their preference of bathing suits. The agent knew what to do when she and her client were ready to embark on the journey.

The agent and her client tried out several body suits on the touch and waxing table and the agent brought out the sexy bathing suit that turned out to be the best fitting one. After removing the bathing suit, the agency staff member to let them try out the bathing suit she put on with. The woman had enough confidence and the staff member made it very clear that the female agent was really the star of the show.

After she did the morning bath, the agent and her client took off their bathing suits. When the female agent and her client went through the wide variety of body suits, the agent put on the perfect bathing suit for the agent. The two of them went to the lounge with their arms wrapped around each other and they were both wearing their most intimate swimsuits.

The female escort enjoyed the two hours of long bathing in the hotel’s hot bathtub. After a little bit of massage, she stripped down to her swimsuit and went to the other side of the tub. The agent put on the suitable female bathing suit that Felicity selected for her and the two of them returned to the other side of the room and sat close together and enjoyed the bath.

A towel was placed on the floor for the two of them to dry off. The agent put on her panties, stretched out her legs and allowed the agent to stroke her thighs. The two of them kissed and touched each other for a while and both were expecting the next step of the party. The maid of honor called them over the room so that the escort could undress.

After the girl of honor stood in front of the agent, the agent stood in front of the sexy girl of honor and gave a little dance on the shoulders of the agent and then kissed the agent’s lips. They both started to undress, but the escort who was wearing the alluring bathing suit was a little disappointed because she had been promised by the agent that she would have all the pleasure and she did not get any of it.