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The name Dion was derived from a story about a young lady who went out on a date with a man named Danielly in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire. The man was killed in a car accident and the woman decided to move to Nottingham and take care of her parents until she found someone else to marry. She settled down to marry a man called Danielly.

However, Danielly was a drunkard and spent most of his time drinking beer and had a number of sexual relationships with different men. He eventually died and when the woman found out that she had a son by Danielly she thought it was wrong and they had an argument.

She wanted to know if she could get him back so she could have him back. Eventually, she did but she came up with the name Dion. She now travels to places in the East Midlands British area and tries to help other people find someone or get rid of someone they have lost.

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