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In the United Kingdom, the Royal Institute of International Affairs is known as the ‘RIIA’ in Canada and the Royal Institute of British Architects is the RIBA in the United States. Both of these organizations have an icon of Queen Elizabeth II on their websites. The purpose of these organizations is to represent Britain internationally and make the nation one of the top countries for art and architecture. In addition, the RIIA was founded by the British government and the RIBA is a nonprofit organization.

The country that hosts the highest number of members in the UK sex service industry is England. This includes London, Leeds, Nottingham, Cardiff, Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle, Liverpool, and Bradford.

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The United Kingdom has always been recognized internationally for its beauty and reputation as one of the leading places for art and architecture. Many of the European countries have homes to popular museums which include Great Museums in London, Tate Modern in Manchester, Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh, the National Maritime Museum in Liverpool, and the British Museum in London.

One of the largest museums in the UK, the British Museum is named after the famous Queen Victoria who became the first Queen of the United Kingdom. The museum is also internationally recognized and has been nominated for six times as the ‘Outstanding Creative Landscape Design’ by a magazine called Cineworld.

Several people work at the Great Wall of China, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Tower of London, and The Art Deco Building in New York. The United Kingdom has more such examples of art and architecture than any other place in the world.