Now that Miley Cyrus has sparked an international sensation with her twerking video, some parents are now questioning the wisdom of letting their teenage daughters watch the Miley Cyrus sex tape. Some parents are very angry and upset, while others are simply embarrassed. Is it a good idea to let your daughter watch this video or is it something you should be aware of before allowing your child to watch this video?

According to Miley, this video is part of her ongoing “life-changing journey.” The fact that she was able to make a video for this purpose says a lot about her as a person and her ability to perform. Since she’s seen other videos of people doing the same thing, she knows what she’s going to do. No one is really arguing that point.

As for the fact that she’s being punished for this video, that’s just a normal human reaction, especially if her actions caused offense. In order to set the record straight and eliminate any misunderstanding, I’ll use a hypothetical situation that may help clarify this issue.

Suppose one of your children is charged with driving under the influence. You hear that they were arrested and that the charges are serious. You then watch a news story about this. Your first thought might be to allow them to go on their vacation without worrying about whether or not they’re going to get in an accident or whether or not they’ll be arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

However, you’d probably have a second idea in mind, which would be to watch their home videos so that you could see what happened during the incident. Your decision in this case is not influenced by the fact that they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, but rather the amount of evidence you see during the situation. The same thing is true here: If you don’t believe there is enough evidence, you may want to consider watching the video before allowing your daughter to watch it.

In this instance, it might be tempting to let your daughter watch the Miley Cyrus sex tape. However, you must remember that you don’t have the same level of knowledge about her as you would if you were watching a news story. In the case of this video, you only have her word for it that she did something wrong.

Many parents are viewing this situation as a cautionary tale, because it has opened up another can of worms regarding her future criminal acts. They’re afraid that this could cause them to lose custody of their child if they were to find out later that their child watched this video. Although it is difficult to view a sex tape as anything more than a casual sex toy for teenagers, they can cause long term problems if your child is exposed to it and then goes on to commit sexual crimes.